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There may be a general belief that emerging companies and startups may be too small to go for an ERP. This comes from the mindset that the number of users drives the need for an ERP solution. As small companies and startups have less number of employees, they might not need an ERP to manage processes.

The truth is, a small business must be faster and sharper than the competition. In today’s business landscape, no business is too small for an ERP solution. ERP allows small businesses to appear, act and operate like an enterprise-scale business.

Simple and user-friendly ERP solutions like EPPS ERP are best suited for these kinds of companies that are growing fast and have a new approach towards business. Simplicity in terms of user experience and user friendliness are some of the key factors that small companies and startups look for.

In a small company or startups, one employee may wear multiple hats. The person responsible for product delivery might also be the one taking care of customer support. In such scenarios, it becomes very important that the processes that they have are equipped enough to manage cross-departmental collaborations. ERP systems like EPPS ERP are geared towards small businesses so that they are able to blend and automate key business functions such as order processing, production, and finances.

Benefits small businesses get from simple and user-friendly ERPs

  • Increase Productivity: An ERP solution removes process redundancy making any system more efficient and highly productive. It also helps to save time.
  • Real-time insights: A new age ERP solution can use real-time data for making precise insights for the businesses. It can help in real-time decision making, based on accurate information. This eventually helps the business to flourish.
  • Streamlining processes: An ERP software can help in streamlining business processes. It provides a clear view to the management to make accurate business forecasts, facilitating in proper business planning.
  • Integration: Extracting inter or intradepartmental data is much efficient under ERP system, as all the information are available at a central location. This saves unnecessary time, investment in the collection of information and makes reporting process much organized.
  • Cost-effectiveness: An ERP software offers a central source of all precise information, which saves the recurring operational and administrative costs incurred.
  • Data security: Data security is no more a hindrance when there is a modern cloud-based enterprise resource planning solution in place. This system improvises the exactness, reliability, security of data, via built-in resources and firewalls.

EPPS ERP solution that can make your business simple, ensure a highly adaptable, scalable, mobile and user-friendly solution.  We offer an ERP solution that helps the businesses to take real-time decisions, based on accurate data. We understand your business priorities and to support the same, we ensure a well-planned implementation process, which makes our ERP an efficient and effective solution.

Here are a few salient features of EPPS ERP:

  • Easy configuration and monitoring: EPPS offers the easiest configuration process, where the business spends a minimum or no production downtime. The cloud-based model is easy to monitor and upgradations can be done remotely, without wasting production time.
  • Real-Time decision making: Using real-time data inputs, makes EPPS ERP enables to reflect accurate business insights. This can help in real-time decision making for the business.
  • Mobility: EPPS ERP solution can provide you with the visibility of your business anytime & help you make decisions on the go, which means only an internet connection should make it accessible from anywhere.
  • Easy to use: An ERP should be easy-to-use, so that anyone can operate with ease, thus eliminating the training costs. EPPS ERP offers you a simple and user-friendly ERP solution, which can be used by anyone across the organization.
  • Adaptable: EPPS ERP is adaptable to your business & regulatory demands.
  • Scalable: A modern ERP should be able to meet up the expectations of your growing organization. ERP solution by EPPS can get scaled with the growth of your business and help you to make a better business plan.

If you are an emerging company or a startup looking to streamline your processes, click here for a demo to experience EPPS ERP.

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