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ERP system is one of the most dynamic segments in the software market. This is precisely because organizations are growing at a fast rate and so are their unique needs. Technology is changing every day and to keep up with that change organizations need to change the way they operate and access data. That’s exactly what ERP systems need to provide organizations to move along the new wave of technological change.

To harness this change in technology, ERPs need to be on a technological platform that allows them to grow and adapt to the changing technological waves. If the primary technology platform doesn’t support enhancements or external collaborations then, it becomes next to impossible for ERP systems to move in with times and introduce new age features like IoT, artificial intelligence etc.

EPPS ERP uses the latest technology i.e. a combination of Java and PostgreSQL. It is a future-ready platform that can easily accommodate any future technological advancements and also manage a high volume of data with the growing number of users. It is a robust centralized server-based architecture. It also ensures easy migration of existing customers from an old platform to a new one seamlessly without any risk of data loss.

Due to this future-ready technology combination of Java and PostgreSQL, we are in the position to harness new innovations and paradigm shifts in technology in the following fields:

  1. Cloud-based ERP software

Companies nowadays have access to on-demand real-time information which means each and every department can react immediately to the changing needs of the business. Cloud-based ERP software like EPPS ERP can reduce manufacturing and infrastructure cost. Time and money both are saved as real-time collaboration reduces the time taken to bring products to market. They are scalable which means you pay for the needed storage space. All these advantages impart greater efficiency and productivity ultimately leads to huge profits.

  1. Internet of Things (IoT)

IoT allows objects to transfer data over a network without any human intervention. Its usage is seen almost everywhere which is accompanied by mobility, GPS, RFID, sensor technology etc. When it comes to ERP, devices can be attached to equipment, machines and even vehicles. Important Information such as location, performance, etc. can be easily accessed, which will allow organizations to identify and eliminate loopholes. Automation of processes by IoT technology will keep operations running smoothly and on time as manual dependencies will go down.

  1. Big Data

The importance of data is no more a secret now. Almost all successful businesses before goes through millions of data rows to predict the future and take the right decisions. Looking at this, Big Data and ERP software can be a great pair if they work in parallel lines.  Through Big Data, ERPs can have more structured and relevant data that can be used by organizations in taking important decisions.

  1. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is a very important point for day-to-day operations in an ERP set up. Customer service is the main area where AI and ERP software can be coupled to come up with a more successful and beneficial software item. ERP technology empowered by AI can be useful for the HR department too.

If the ERP system is hosted on the right technology platform like Java and PostgreSQL, then all the above technology innovations can be coupled with ERP to make organizations future ready.

EPPS ERP is on a future-ready platform that can take on all the new age challenges. Click here to know more about EPPS ERP.

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