When do you know you need an ERP

The need for an ERP does not come with a big bang sign. However, it does give you a few clues here and there to figure out that your business is asking for more.

As businesses expand in terms of scale of operations & presence, it becomes critical to have a solution that helps them to keep pace with their growing needs. The platform a company chooses should offer better control, be flexible and adapt to the needs as the business scales up. Another important aspect is, it should quickly adjust to the changes in the economic scenario.

To make a mark in the modern and dynamic business world, making a strategic move is the key to success. And to strategize, it is important to have an integrated, real time and accurate view of the integrated business processes.

Tracking and integrating the business data from different operations, can be a cumbersome task for your business, the growing volume of data can be hard to manage. If sales insights are based on more manual analytics rather than real time inputs and data accuracy is a concern. If these sound familiar your business should consider getting an ERP system.

Every business is unique. However, the companies that would benefit most from ERP software often face similar problems and frustrations. If you identify with the following telltale signs, it’s time to consider ERP software. Even if the implementation your business chooses comes with high upfront costs, you’ll save money in the long run by streamlining processes and maximizing workflow efficiency.

Here are some of the triggers:

1. Inaccuracy: Speed and accuracy are the three basic pillars for any business to succeed. If your business process is slow or falling short of providing accurate insights, it’s time for you to consider a modern business management solution. A robust ERP can be the right choice. By using real time data, it can accelerate your business operations and provide accurate forecasts.

2. Multiple software’s: Does your accounts department use one software and the sales department use another? Integrating the insights received from different processes is a tedious task and can be erroneous too. This can affect your entire business because, if there is a data loss somewhere, it will impact all the related operations leading to inaccurate and inconsistent insights. An efficient ERP, integrates all the business process under one roof and makes it easy to operate

3. Accessibility: Your business should be in your fingertips. Ready insights and convenience to fetch it anytime, anywhere is the need of the hour. A mobile ERP solution, can help you with easy accessibility and facilitate in making your business simple.

4. Time consuming: “Time is money”. In this era of quick decision making, the more time you take to respond, the more you fall short of the benefits. Integrating data from different operations involves manual intervention and can be time consuming too. A quick and easy to use ERP solution, can integrate the business data quickly and efficiently from different operational processes.

5. Scalability: While your business grows, your current business process management system should be able to scale up to the level. If it is a challenge, then your business is in need of a solution that is adaptable and scalable. A robust ERP, can be the right choice as it can scale up, to match its operations with the increased volume of data. Whether you’re in the exploratory phase or ready to make a selection, you first need to determine whether your business meets the criteria for an ERP.

Hence, with an efficient ERP solution, you can empower your business with fast-track decision-making capability and accuracy backed by real time data. EPPS provides such a user-friendly, scalable, mobile, and easy to configure and monitor ERP solution that can help you in growing your business effectively. Thus, an efficient ERP solution plays an integral role for SME’s, to compete in the fast paced business world. Once you identify the triggers, success is not so far! The smart and modern solution, can be your route to achieve success easily!

Look out for the signs, act quickly, and upgrade to an ERP that meets your business needs.

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