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EPPS is a people driven technology company that aims at providing ERP solutions to facilitate Efficient, Agile and Enduring business decisions to our customers. While we aim to build an organization of individual, customer-focused professionals, we are committed to develop our partners to build their capability to engage with customers, demonstrate the value of EPPS products, implement the solution and grow their businesses.

EPPS Infotech believes in setting up a strong partner network to sell EPPS products and expand reach in the marketplace. We are committed to developing the partner network and their resources, who will demonstrate the value of EPPS offerings to the customers, sell, implement and support the product as per customer expectations.

If you qualify as one of the following partner categories, you can be an EPPS Partner, too!

  1. Resellers

Value Added Resellers (VARs) – Resell or refer EPPS software, bundled with value-added services to meet customer needs.

  1. System Implementers and Integrators

You enhance, implement and install EPPS products and you can reap the rewards through our partner program.

  1. Accountants

If you run an accountancy practice, you can recommend our software to your clients and earn margins whenever your clients buy EPPS ERP.

Partner Tiers

EPPS Infotech would invest time and effort in developing the following types of partners to ensure a great customer experience.

  1. PRO Partners

The partners in this group would sell both EPPS PRO and EPPS GRO products to their customers. There are enrolment, onboarding and certification processes based on specific eligibility criteria and setting of expectations.

  1. GRO Partners

The partners in this group would sell only EPPS GRO to their customers. Their enrolment, onboarding and certification processes are also based on specific criteria and setting of expectations. The GRO partners can become PRO partners once they fulfill the criteria for a PRO partner.

For Resellers, System Implementers, and Accountants, we have GRO Partner Program. Independent Software Vendors fall into PRO Partner Program. PRO Partner Program is by invitation only.

Benefits to Partners:

  • Generous incentives
  • Co- branded marketing resources
  • Increase in bottom line
  • Learning platforms and technical support

EPPS Infotech generously invests in resources, technology and time to enable the partners on product and implementation methodologies.

EPPS Infotech encourages partners to generate leads for EPPS GRO and PRO products. We support partners in establishing processes and capability within the partner organization to proactively generate leads. We also have an in-house inside sales department, which is designed to respond to prospects who have reached out directly; and in the event of any lead generation, they would pass it on to respective GRO or PRO partners.

Currently, we have 100+ Partners across 17 cities who are trained and can engage with businesses for EPPS products. We expect to have 150+ Partners by the end of 2018-19 trained to implement EPPS products.

To know more about our Partner Program and its benefits, please click here.

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