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For any growing organisation what makes the difference is, how quickly they are able to take important decisions and scale.

Accurate, reliable and timely information is vital to effective decision-making in almost every business. It is an essential component of any effort to enable businesses, to make different decisions from the ones, they might take, in the absence of particular pieces of information. It is an integral aspect of any attempt to hold those who make decisions accountable, for the consequences of the decisions they make.

While accurate information is essential, also what matters is being process driven for SME’s. An ERP solution, can be of great help for businesses looking to streamline their operational efficiency. A great deal of time, can be saved with an ERP that consolidates, all the information centrally at one place making is easily accessible to employees in different departments. Manually managing the processes, can take a considerable amount of time and increase on errors and rework on the data as well. Efficiencies can be achieved with some degree of automation, thus reducing the time involved. More time at hand, all businesses crave for this!

Let’s delve in to see, the important functionalities of an ERP, to help save time:

  • Master creation: Maintaining accurate masters is critical, for smoothly flow of operations. The masters include details of the products or services bought/sold, suppliers, branches, customers, employees, discounts, rebates, price level, bill of material, aspects related to tax compliance etc. A lot of time can be saved, if the master creation is supported by checklists and users are trained, on the creation process. An ERP application, supports import of master information through templates after it is validated by the user. The differentiating factor is, how much time is lost, in correcting the information and a dependent transaction.
  • Transactions: To ensure efficacy of the transactions, business processes set the boundaries for the transaction, to minimize errors and follow the rules of the business. Often some work flows with approvals seemingly slows down the transaction completion. However, these approvals and controls are important to keep information within the restricted access. Another aspect is, acting on approvals quickly. An ERP that provides instant notifications while on the move, ensures you stay connected with your business even when you are away. The above helps organizations, to ensure quality is not compromised & businesses save time with the quick access of information on the go.
  • Reports: Businesses require feedback, on their operations to take decisions. While reports can provide insights necessary to take decision, the key differentiator is how fast the user can access and efficiently comprehend from the same. An ERP which can help you, access business reports on the move, can greatly reduce the time for any decision.
  • Technology: A robust ERP with scalable technology, ensures minimal or almost no downtime. It allows businesses, to transact and take decision on the move. This helps in saving of the most critical aspect for any organisation i.e. time!
  • Mobility: A cloud-based solution is not dependent on your internal infrastructure, so workers can access the system anytime and anywhere.

An ERP should empower, an organisation and its members towards growth. It should be able to provide them with enhanced peace of mind and more time at hand, to focus on other strategic aspects of growth. Having an ERP solution that is robust, can help you manage the complex processes and handle large volumes of data efficiently. What is important here, is to note that, implementing any ERP will not help, the choice that businesses make determines the rate of success and brings out what really matters in business! While choosing an ERP solution, be careful to keep the above functionalities in mind. EPPS ERP solutions can help with the above and much more! Get ready to streamline your operational efficiency, this allows your business to have an access, to accurate real time data, anytime, anywhere. Benefit with an integrated solution that can be easily configured and monitored. We can help you, in making business simple!

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