It was the best of times; it was the worst of times. One friend was celebrating his promotion to Senior IT Manager, the other was drowning the sorrow of his joblessness. A strange twist to their story as the two men, now in their 30s, had started off their journey in the corporate world at around the same time.

Yet, one of them had clearly leveraged his opportunity and was on a fast track to the top of his profession, while the other was floundering staring at the bottom of the barrel wondering where it all went wrong. Apparently, it was the choices they made that had landed them in different places. One of them, Rahul had joined a manufacturing concern while the other Raja had started off his career in a trading firm.

Their current state of affairs could directly be traced back to decisions they made for their companies with regard to ERP solutions. The two companies needed to upgrade their current accounting software to better handle their growing business requirements. The two IT executives were tasked with the job of finding an ERP solution that would help streamline the different processes within their companies.

Rahul and Raja both did their research and while Rahul was greatly impressed with the versatility, mobility, ease of use, lower cost and security of a cloud-based solution, Raja decided to go with a popular accounting software. That had been around for much longer than the cloud-based software.

While implementation of the cloud-based solution was relatively faster and smoother than the on-premise one, overall the initial set up on both worked fairly decently. Rahul had a solution that provided Real time data sync. The most interesting feature was the mobile app functionality that enabled quick decision making.

Problems were on a rise as Raja’s team members started experiencing challenges of software not responding when the volume of data was high. The company hit a rough patch from the ERP implementation. The management of his company decided to lay off a few people from different departments.

Few frustrated employees erased transactions data from the accounting software. The deletions caused the trading firm to lose information for transactions worth Rs 10 crores. There was no way they could get that data back as the transaction/master could be easily deleted from the software.

As the solution was introduced by Raja, the management held him responsible for the loses that resulted from the above.

One of the features that impressed Rahul most about the cloud-solution that he had selected was that security of the cloud solution was almost water-tight, no transaction/master could be deleted. It is only possible to reverse a transaction; therefore, ensuring records of all transaction are maintained. This is key to not only prevent malicious intent of employees but also to stop genuine errors where an employee might accidentally delete records or change a transaction. Among other things the cloud solution provided role-based access to the ERP, thereby limiting what any individual could change in the system.

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