Every love is different, every relationship is different. So unless it's yours, it really isn't your business!

Witnessing your small enterprise grow at different stages, in different processes can be delightful, giving you a sense of fulfillment. A dream that once was just yours, but now you share it with the world.

A young entrepreneur, Rajesh, started a small manufacturing production set up, with minimal capital investment. But his hard work and dedication helped the company to grow exponentially. The passion & belief in his idea, motivated him to keep going ahead despite number of roadblocks that came his way. His commitment to grow his company, made him devoted towards finding new ways to achieve it.

Gradually, he decided to expand his operations across geographies, and increased the manpower across departments, to manage the increased scope of activities. He started with an accounting software that helped him initially. However, within a few months, as his business grew, the software was not able to handle the volume of data. Gradually, he started facing challenges managing the different processes like production, quality, sales and distribution, business policy management, finance and accounting, materials management and so on. Data security also posed as a challenge. Concerned about the different processes and the growth of his business, he shared his concerns with one of his friends, Aditya, a Chartered Accountant. Aditya, instantaneously gauged the loop hole and advised Rajesh, to deploy an easy to use ERP which could help him in many ways to combat the current challenges.

As is rightly said, by James Cash Penney- Growth is never by mere chance; it is the result of forces working together. When there is growth, multiple forces come into play and it is important to manage all of them. Your processes scale up, to make things happen- new people join your team. From one factory you may expand to another, more clients, increased complexity in processes, more revenue, digitization of processes etc. The question is- Are you ready, to tackle all of the above effectively and efficiently without hampering the growth at any stage? Even though you are passionate about your business, like Rajesh, you may end up, hampering your success story despite doing the right things.

Similar to Rajesh’s situation, without a robust, future ready enterprise solution, it can be challenging to manage a growing business. The choice is yours, to settle for just accounting or give your business a competitive edge with a modern ERP solution.

Your love for your business is similar to a love relationship. Let’s take a quick look, at some qualities that often help make things work for you in any relationship. An ERP, can help you experience these qualities and convert the love for your business into benefits, that help you streamline your operational efficiency and enable you, to go a long way.

  • Unity- Where there is unity there is always victory. An ERP, can help you unite your processes and departments in one single place. You will have one system of truth—one view of your value chain from start to finish. Creating a single view, of your critical information as it applies to each project, resource, partner, and customer ensures that better decisions are made each step of the way.
  • Understanding- It's important to understand each other to make any relationship work. Communication is an important agent to fuel this understanding. A simple ERP that is easy to understand can empower your employees. It can help your team members work together productively across your organization, no matter where your employees are located or if different departments, need to come together to complete a particular project. By ensuring that your team members are on the same page, you will eliminate obstacles that can cut off communication thus fostering a better understanding.
  • Connection- Being connected opens a door to a world of learning & sharing. Imagine operating your ERP on your mobile, anytime, anywhere! A mobile ERP, can help you get the visibility across different functions & processes within the organisation whenever needed. Making decisions on the go, leads to increased productivity and ease of operations.
  • Adaptability- For a healthy relationship, it’s important, to be willing to change because life won’t stay the same. Similarly, an ERP solution also needs to be dynamic and should be able to adapt easily, to the changing regulatory requirements.
  • Security- The need for security comes in every relationship. A lack of transparency results in distrust & a deep sense of insecurity. With an ERP, instead of data being stored in different formats and locations, managing data with one software helps reduce the chances of exposing data. Data access controls in some modern ERP’s, helps clearly define the security framework and provides flexibility to companies to change the controls from time to time as needed with ease. Thus offering a very transparent view of all the operations.

You can show much love for your business by choosing an ERP solution that loves to simplify, integrates the different processes, adapts itself to the dynamic regulatory requirements, provides you with insights, to help manage & monitor the relationship between different departments. EPPS ERP solution understands your love for your business & offers, highly agile, flexible & robust new-age ERP solutions designed & developed to assist SMEs to run their business with remarkable efficiency & accuracy. EPPS InfoTech’s ERP solution is among the few to provide a seamless experience on the mobile platform. Click here to boost your productivity with an innovative and easy to use ERP solution.

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