In today’s world, latest technologies, automations & innovations play an important role in streamlining business operations. Technological advancements to empower the workforce has built the path of success. To maintain a pace with the current digital wave, many companies are aggressively incorporating, digitization in their work culture.

A report by mobile analytics firm App Annie states, India is already the 4th largest app economy. Indian developers have created 100,000 apps; registering a growth of 57% over 2016. This has boosted the mobile technology usage in India. Similarly, other technologies being used in India, will be in-line to those, used in the developed world. Robots, AI, IoT are all technologies transforming industry in the west & are ready to do the same in India.

When new technologies like smart machines are integrated into the digital work grid, it will enhance the abilities and efficiencies of the workforce. IT leaders responsible for digital workplace initiatives must focus on resourceful ways of using technology while fostering more efficient ways of working across levels.

Along with the business achievements, digitization or automation helps in achieving professional goals across the hierarchy. Every level of the workforce starting, from the top management till the field sales agents can benefit significantly with automation.

According to a new survey, In India enterprise application software spending, is projected to reach $2.5 billion in 2018. Increased software spending is being strongly impacted by the digital transformation, followed by mobile and Artificial Intelligence.

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is a process by which a company manages and integrates the important parts of its business. An ERP integrates areas such as production, planning, purchasing, inventory, sales, marketing etc. It provides a single source for accessing information from different business operations, gathering insights from a wide range of reports & analytics. All this and more on the go is possible, with a mobile ERP solution.

Linking developments like digitization, Internet of Things (IoT), business analytics, with contemporary smart phones & mobile technologies, few modern ERP solution providers are providing mobile ERP solutions.

Businesses are now realizing that without digital transformation, the chances of success in today’s competitive environment are bleak. Let’s look at how mobility can help field sales agents.

An access to a central repository, for real time information, which is required to pitch a sale would empower the sales agent to be accurate & precise on the field. Before closing a sale, a sales person must provide the customer visibility, to various aspects like delivery timelines, product delivery, discounts, rebates applicable, service/warranty related information etc. Often, on the basis of some of this information, the customer decides either to go ahead or step back from his/her decision to purchase. Carrying catalogues, having view of the stocks available at different warehouses, margin/rebate/discount structures, punching sales invoice, waiting for approvals on special terms for a customer, all this can consume significant amount of time. This can often, pose as a roadblock for a successful interaction with a customer. It’s simple, if you don’t someone else will!

Building a successful digital workplace, demands a fresh approach to business processes and removing the activities that get in the way of solving business challenges. It is important, to encourage a corporate culture of autonomy, accountability and empowerment.

Hence, for such a workforce having access to a solution that provides them an integrated view of different aspects like stock information, pricing strategies, discount margins, new schemes, client information (wrt. Accounts receivables etc.), recording the sales numbers met in a day, service terms, reports on sales quota and their current performance etc. becomes vital.

What makes a successful sales person? Of course in addition, to the basic flare for making a sale or providing superior customer service, the need of the hour is, empowering these field sales agents. We can talk about numbers/results, have the best sales plans & forecasts in place, but ultimately it boils down to one question- Are you empowering your sales team to make quick, efficient decisions?

Find out, how mobility in ERP solutions, empowers your field sales agents, in my next post.

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