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Modern business world, is filled with numerous opportunity to attract new age enthusiasts to take a plunge in the pool of opportunity. However, to sustain in the competitive market, businesses are in the quest for a solution, which will guide them towards the path of success. Modern businesses need to focus on their growth and expansion. However, with every milestone you achieve in your business, there arises several complexities in terms of process integration, flow of information, which can pose as major roadblocks in the path of achieving success.

To help the new age SME’s, implementing an ERP can solve many of their challenges. An ERP serves to be an efficient business management solution, which integrates all the operations on a single platform. It provides correct business insights based on with accurate analytics from the real time data.

According to Gartner, almost 75% of the ERP implementation fail, despite the solution providers focus on better customer service and advanced technologies.

Evolving businesses, demand automation. Taking business decisions on real time data are mandatory to make a strong foundation in today’s business world. With so much on demand, operational rifts has become obvious. An efficient ERP, can get all the business processes streamlined to avoid any gaps in the business processes. However, it is crucial to properly implement an ERP system for its smooth functioning.

Take a look, at the following implementation phases of an ERP:

  • Project planning: This phase constitutes the stages like project kick off meeting, build PM plan, phase closure, project survey. For any ERP to work efficiently, setting the expectation right at the beginning, is important. Hence, it is vital to have a clear understanding of the scope of implementation, which includes meetings with work teams and preparing a project plan etc. It is also vital to have perfect phase closure and survey to ensure the smooth start of the next phase.
  • Conceptualization: In this phase, the project is conceptualized, after the proper planning is done and agreed upon. Some specific functionalities to be followed are ERP workshop, business requirement study, sample data collection, master data templates handover to clients, proposed solutions, report list and input, revised project plan, phase closure and project survey. It is crucial to go through each aspect perfectly to ensure proper conceptualization of the project.
  • Realization: Once there is an agreement, on the conceptualization phase from both the stakeholders’ i.e. solution provider and the client, the designing of system starts. The typical procedures include, customization, creation of help and user manual, phase closure and project survey. Customization to the scope of project is one of the critical part. When the ERP solution provider remains flexible to customize the product, they can attract their customers by helping them in getting, what they are in need for.
  • Go-live preparation: Once project planning, conceptualization and realization phases are done accurately, the software can be prepared to go-live. It is crucial, to create proper go-live plan, which includes master data collection, ERP deployment at client site, configuration, user training, user acceptance test, issue resolution, execute cut over procedure, phase closure and project survey However, before planning the go-live, it is important to ascertain and make sure that the process is bug-free and for the same reason, it is important to have perfect phase closure and project survey.
  • Go-live and support: Finally, once all the above phases are error-free, the product can be ready to go-live. However, several trial sessions and numerous other aspects should be considered before the final release. The important functionalities of this phase are master data validation and import, go-live, system handover, customer feedback, project closure, go-live and support review, production issue logs, support initiation, phase closure and project survey.

The ERP solution that follows the above phases perfectly and ensures a proper phase closure and project survey after each phase can be the ideal solution for modern age SME’s. It can assure smooth functionality in the long run.

If you wish to have an ERP solution that works efficiently under all circumstances, you should emphasize more on its perfect implementation process, as mentioned above. Following proper implementation process can lead to the best ERP performance. EPPS offers you a smooth functioning ERP solution for your business. We have well-defined implementation process, which makes our ERP, a perfect solution to your business needs.

Be ready to streamline your operational efficiency with EPPS ERP solution, which allows your business to have an access to accurate real time data, anytime, anywhere. Get an integrated solution, which can be easily configured and monitored. Enjoy the best solution by EPPS ERP solution. We can help you in making business simple!

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