Sharing relevant information on the go, at the right time with your field sales agents, can be a game changer.

Let’s take a quick look at the benefits, a mobile ERP solution can provide in the day to day functioning of field sales agents:

  • Order capturing: Capturing details of new orders punched in, provides visibility to the achievements of a sales agent. Once an entry is made, the system notifies the information to concerned stakeholders. If the product is available, then it can be delivered to the customer, or else a purchase order is raised to make the product, available for the customer. The inventory department gets notified and the changes in stock, reflect on a real time basis, thus making things transparent to the agents for the next sale.
  • Accuracy: With a mobile ERP solution, the real–time data can be captured & fed in the system, which can help in avoiding data redundancy that can occur due to multiple data entry points like book/excel/ accounts software etc. Management can get a clear view, of how the agents are performing in terms of assigned sales quotas vs. the actual performance.
  • Invoicing: In distribution models real time billing is often done at the site by field sales agents. If they need to issue a sales invoice, all the approvals can be taken instantaneously, thus simplifying the real time billing process.
  • Collections: Once a sale is made, revenues flows in, the real time punching of the information via money receipts provide a real time view to the finance & accounting departments. With this visibility, they can make better financial forecasts.
  • Reimbursements: Field sales agents are required to travel frequently. They often end up paying themselves and then claim for reimbursements. It is important to have systems, which quickly process their requests. Now, with mobile ERP, claiming, managing & tracking reimbursements becomes easier. These claims can be filed on the go. Templates can be defined basis the nature of business/ department. In the absence of quick processing systems, it may lead to frustration and build up a negative attitude.
  • Tracking: In several businesses, a beat plan is defined for every sales agent. This helps them stay focused and plan their day accordingly. With a mobile ERP solution, supervisors can easily track the whereabouts of the agents via GPS or images with geo-stamp at customer location. This can help in identifying the gaps wrt the visits made & help in better planning for future processes.
  • Building relationships: Mobile ERP allows complete access to the relevant individual customer’s details like their payment history, order frequency, order types etc. This information is instrumental in providing a background to the sales person beforehand. This can help them to mold their pitch and service interaction. Timely visits to customers, can be made on the basis of the buying patterns, date of association etc. This helps in strengthening the relationship between both the parties.

A mobile ERP solution is the market trendsetter, which is enabling SME’s to extract maximum efficiency and streamline their businesses processes, by empowering their field sales agents, with an opportunity to work efficiently & with ease. With robust, innovative, mobile, easy to use & scalable ERP solutions, EPPS is empowering businesses to gift their field sales agents, a mobile ERP solution. As the concept of ‘Smart Factory’ (Industry 4.0) is catching up, it’s important to create and encourage a digital workforce. This should not only be limited to the top management but should drill down to the field sales agent’s level.

So the choice is yours, go the traditional way or follow the modern way with EPPS ERP Solutions!

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