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Modern dynamic business world demands quick action. To make a fast track resolution, a systematic business process is essential. To maintain the pace, easy to use solutions are much needed. When it comes to the business management solutions, more intuitive user interfaces for an improved look and feel is needed. If these capabilities are not understood, ERP selection will fall short of its potential.

In terms of ease of use, several ERP implementations have gone wrong, due to poor “user experience.” Users now expect simple, well-designed applications at work and a user-friendly ERP solution for business management is one amongst the top priorities.

Most modern ERP solutions now offer an intuitive look and feel, with an easy to navigate user experience. As user experience is the part of the success of an ERP implementation, easy to use screens, notifications and reports facilitate user adoption of a new system.

An easy to use interface can help in making business processes more efficient and quick. According to Constellation Research’s 2018 survey of CFO priorities, ERP compliance is on priority for 41.9% of global businesses.

Easy to use ERP can boost ERP compliance. ‘The days of brute force ERP are over’, this quote by Forbes explains, that today’s ERP solution providers offer more customizable, simple interface that help in delivering insights quickly as required by the business. An easy to use interface helps businesses work smarter. Improved ERP usability, increases the efficiency and acceptance of the tool across the organization. It also reduces turn-around time and scope of re-work, which leads to quick decision making capability of a business, with accurate forecasts.

As quoted by Leonardo Da Vinci, “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”. It holds true for a business as well. Simpler a process, more efficient is the outcome. Likewise, user friendly ERP can make a business competent.

An intuitive user experience, can eliminate extensive training time/costs and accelerate adoption. Ease of use has become an important decision criteria, here’s why-

  • Faster processing: Often it is seen that, the turn-around time of an operation is much long than expected. A complicated user interface, can be one of the major reasons. An easy to use ERP, triggers quick operations. The user-friendliness promotes quick action and makes the solution responsive.
  • Increases productivity: A user-friendly ERP solution makes business processes, easy to manage with real time data updates, for the workforce. This increases their productivity, as they can work efficiently and make more productive hours.
  • Reduces redundant work: The complexity of the user interface can lead in more time consumption to execute a process. An easy to use an ERP solution creates a greater scope for accurate business insights. A user-friendly ERP solution will reduce the scope of redundant work and save on productive time.
  • Cost-effective: Easy to use” also means easy to train new employees and easier to support. The user-friendly
    ERP solutions demands lesser training session for the users. The right ERP solution will help businesses manage and avoid unpredictable IT costs such as deployment, maintenance, and upgrading.

EPPS Infotech provides easy to use and configure ERP solutions. They offer robust, mobile and scalable ERP solutions. With its simple, easy to use and smart features, EPPS ERP can be used by varied workforce across the enterprise.
Streamline your operational efficiency with ease. Accurate business insights supported by real time inputs, makes EPPS ERP solution one of the most viable modern ERP solution providers.

We make business simple with innovative technological solutions that are simple yet brilliant.

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