ERP benefit the LED and Electric Control Panel Industry

The LED and electric control panel industry is a niche in itself in the field of engine safety units, and other customized automation solutions for engines, generators, etc. It has established itself as an industry leader through quality and innovation; it has also forayed into the field of solar solutions and LED lighting solutions for a wide range of requirements.

This industry mainly consists of:

•    AMF Panels

•    Ancillary Products

•    Digital Display Units & Control System

•    Engine Control Units (ECS)

•    Engine Safety Units

•    LED Lights Panel

•    Solar Home Lighting Systems

•    Solar Lighting

•    Solar Power Packages


Problems faced by the industry

The major problem faced by these industries is related to inventory tracking and management. As it deals with small components, the number of input components are in large numbers, varying between100 to 500, because of which issuance of raw materials to a sub-contractor becomes a roadblock. Inventory is the largest asset on their balance sheets and without careful planning, inventory can easily get out of the track, resulting in heavy markdowns due to overstocking, ultimately leading to serious cash flow problems.

Another problem faced is related to manual data entry. S Manual data entry in an uncontrolled environment often leads to inaccuracies in tracing the number of specific raw materials utilized in multiple finished products. These inaccuracies then lead to major problems when finished products are shipped to the clients.

Non-availability of a proper material management system poses a serious problem in terms of exact analysis of stock available vs stock to be procured. Inaccessibility to real-time data results in critical problems in the production process, often resulting in huge revenue loss.


Solutions overview

The need of the hour for these industries is a well-defined BOM (Bill of Material for finished and semi-finished goods so that managing a large number of input components do not go out of hand. Another important aspect after BOM is to have a system that can track finished and semi-finished goods and their consumption pattern.

In case one has to raise a sub-contracting purchase order, it is important to have a system that can automatically list down and number all the items issued to the subcontractor. So that tracking of the materials become easy.

These industries also need strong material requirement planning to have clear visibility for material procurement along with the available stock. As some of the component used in such products are high-value raw materials and have a lead-time to procure, it is very important to plan the production well in advance.


EPPS ERP solved the above problems and business needs by offering an integrated solution, which not only handles material planning but also provides a single platform for Sales Management, Finance Management, and Production along with user control and approval mechanism, which is accessible through a browser and mobile app.

 Our product EPPS GRO, which is a pre-configured click to install a model, helps SMBs improve efficiencies in their operations. It gives you access to essentials that get you started on your journey towards growth. Integrated modules help you to manage your business operations effectively on a secured platform.

If you are an SME in the LED and electric control panel industry, EPPS ERP is the right product fit for you. To know more about how EPPS ERP can help you solve your specific problems, please click here for free demo.


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