Good and Services Tax (GST)

Good and Services Tax

Good and Services Tax (GST) has launched a new era in the economic landscape of India. It has revolutionized the financial backdrop for all types of goods & services.

GST aims to replace the federal tax structure with a more unified one which should help reduce the cascading tax-on-tax impact and remove the barriers to trade across states.

The government has made the GST tax system web-based. GST compliance means that businesses would need smart enterprise solutions that will help automate the tax calculation in transactions. The changes led by the introduction of GST are imminent. To be able to handle these changes, you need to choose an ERP solution, which will lead your business into profitability & help you meet the compliance challenges.

An ERP system that is GST-compliant, will help your business in four ways:

  • Digitization – of processes and transactions
  • Document Management – for e filing and digitization
  • Compliance Ready – to meet tax regulations and maintain accurate financial records.
  • Standardization – of systems and processes

EPPS ERP solution is GST ready and the right choice to help you transition into the new taxation era. The robust ERP solution has been designed to easily embrace the dynamic economic changes & help your business be GST-compliant.

To upload data on the GST network, customers will have to go via government approved Suvidha providers, who in turn have to upload data to GSTN. EPPS ERP has collaborated with ClearTax to handle GST within its ERP for a seamless integration.

Embrace the digital wave with the user friendly, GST ready EPPS ERP solutions.

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