ERP – A Perpetual Relay Race

Businesses compete locally and globally to sustain growth. Process driven businesses have a greater potential to bear the shocks of business cycles and disruptions. In process-driven businesses, people run a “perpetual relay race”. The business team, which passes the ‘baton’ timely, keeps winning the race and continues to grow.

Let us connect the “perpetual relay race” with real business. There is a goal to win as in a race. There are multiple competitors as in a race. There is a starting clap too when the new financial year starts. The relay participants are the people within the organization. The laps in the race are the various business activities that are governed by the work break down within the organization. The baton is the passing of work from one member to the other.

Businesses are always streamlining their processes, modifying their work break down, and constantly changing the scope of work for their workforce. However, the challenge of passing the baton remains.

ERP applications bridge this gap through a system of approval mechanism and notifications to exchange information and provoking action. Let us take an example, the user creates say a quotation based on the available price list for a specific customer, however, the customer demands a better deal and the user requires approval as per the business process from a superior. The user has a greater chance to bag the deal when the user is able to notify the decision maker about this quotation irrespective of where he or she is present.

EPPS ERP can be configured to send the notification whenever any transaction is sent for approval, once approved the creator also gets a notification to carry out the next steps. The notifications can be configured for the web interface and mobile interface to harness the power of the connected environment. Further EPPS ERP also supports the user with necessary data points to take a faster decision.

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