Benefits of an ERP

 The cold storage and ripening chambers industry is a very critical industry segment in the agriculture sector. The various product range that comes under this manufacturing segment are:

  • Fruit ripening chambers manufacturer
  • Controlled atmosphere chambers manufacturer
  • Ethylene ripening chamber manufacturer

Owing to their high performance, low maintenance, longer functional life and less energy consumption, these cold storages and ripening chambers are usually not in the best of shape the in agricultural sector.

In today’s time the major problem, which is faced by such manufacturing unit at an operational level are mostly around managing inventory starting from purchase order to storing the same in allocated warehouse. Apart from that, they face other problems such as scheduling purchase orders and sales orders and tracking of delivery as per schedule, managing multiple spreadsheet driven production process leading to delay of production and delivery, inefficient man-hour utilization etc.  

What do they need:

In the case of such SME’s who assembles job to make a final product, the business needs are very specific and revolves around the inventory tracking and monitoring. Some of the needs are:

  • Process driven streamlining of inventory to reduce wastage and loss of consumables and raw materials used during production.
  • On time delivery as per customer’s expected date
  • Real time reports on stock, production, costing, consumption etc.
  • Subcontracting & tracking in some cases

How an ERP solved their problems:

EPPS ERP solved the above problems & business need by offering integrated solution which not only handles material planning but also provides a single platform which handles sales management, finance management, production along with user control and approval mechanism which can be accessible through browser and mobile app.

Some key benefits derived were:

  • The Purchase Order transaction allowed the users to create purchase order for the stock as well as for subcontracting processes.
  • The GRN transaction allowed the users to receive the raw materials and update the same in the system.
  • Tracking of material location wise, quantity and value wise, finished item stock and total consume items could be easily done.
  • With the help of material requirement planning application, details of stock and required items were fetched, which shows accurate requirement of RM. This feature helps to plan production and purchase related activities smoothly.
  • Production is supported with on time delivery as per schedule, which leads to customer satisfaction.


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