Are you building your ERP like a Baya?

The Baya weaver bird, native of South India and parts of South East Asia, are the original constructors of the natural world. The male builds elaborate nests that come with heat-shield mechanism, stringent security checks and have expert craftsmanship. The nest design includes a looped attachment to the branch, a roof, the egg chamber, and antechamber and entrance tube. These different elements create a framework for building the nest that helps in establishing a sound foundation for a strong nest.

There’s a lot you can learn from Nature’s master builder. You can apply these lessons almost anywhere, but it helps to apply them when choosing the right ERP for your enterprise. After all, the success of your enterprise will depend on the strength, stability and performance of your ERP. So without further ado let’s dive into our Baya bird checklist:

• Attention to detail: Baya birds build their nest with a lot of care and attention to detail. Similarly pay close attention to the minutest of details when choosing your ERP vendor. Time spent upfront in vendor selection will pay itself back in spades as the right ERP solution will help your business grow leaps and bounds. Here are four essential elements you need to verify:

  • Varied Experience: An ERP vendor with varied implementation experience has been there and done that. Their client list will tell you about their cross-industry expertise.
  • Scalability: Your business is going to scale, will your ERP solution be able to keep pace. Ask your ERP vendor whether they can add new functionality or features as needed.
  • Training and Support: Make sure you check with the vendor about the training and support they will provide. It will help to call up one of their clients to find out about their commitment to training and support.
  • Implementation duration: Your vendor should be able to commit a reasonable time frame for completing the project. Long delays in implementation can cause losses to your business.

• Commitment and thorough planning: The Baya takes its time in building the perfect nest. It’s commitment to the process ensures not a single twig is out of place. Similarly implementing an ERP solution requires commitment from all levels with the organization. It is the responsibility of the top management to prepare their staff for the fundamental shift in business operations. It is important to educate the staff on the benefits of implementing an ERP system, including:

  • Integrated business processes
  • One central database with no duplication of data
  • Easy access to real-time information
  • Powerful reporting tools to assist business decisions
  • Integrated look-and-feel making training easy

• Choosing the right inputs: The material with which the nests are made is mostly pliant grass stems and strips of palm fronds to ensure a strong foundation. Baya birds make hundreds of trips to get bits of plant fiber to create nests. An organization must be clear their reasons for implementing an ERP solution. Conducting interviews with key stakeholders in your organization, fostering a synergy around your solution selection process helps bring detailed requirements to the surface. Stepping through use cases and discussing what-if operation scenarios is another beneficial technique during these stakeholder discussions to gather thorough system requirements.

• Nest structure: The length, strength and thickness of the external components of the Baya’s nest depend largely upon the building capacity of the bird. Similarly in ERP implementation the outcome depends on the core competency of ERP vendor, their strengths and their capabilities. Investigate your vendor thoroughly to ensure they can build you the perfect ERP solution for your organization.

• Keep Perfecting: The Baya is never really done constructing its nest. It keeps tweaking it, making changes and doing regularly maintenance work, to ensure its home remains perfect. Similarly an ERP implementation too needs regular maintenance to ensure smooth functioning of the solution and your business.

• Quick Build: Despite the complexity of the build, the Baya is done with its nest in a few weeks’ time. Similarly check to see the ERP solution you have opted for is equally easy to understand and be used by your team. The easier it is to use, the more quickly they will adopt the solution.

• Structure: The nests have a clear design that ensures safety of the eggs and protection from the elements. It is even built in such a way that predators can’t get to it easily. Similarly, a well structured ERP solution helps in easy data sharing across different departments in multiple locations keeping critical data secure. It smoothens workflow, empowers your team and removes the bottlenecks associated with multiple systems.

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