Mobility in the enterprise has become as big a business driver as the internet was in the early 90’s. Most companies are adapting some sort of mobile application to drive their businesses. While mobile adaptation is still low, companies that have incorporated mobile technologies are reporting the benefits of going mobile. A recent report on Enterprise Mobility found that 62 percent of the most successful mobile initiatives achieved payback in 12 months or less.

A report on using mobile in manufacturing jointly developed by Forbes and Price Waterhouse Coopers states that “designing mobility into new production strategies, processes and procedures is bringing greater accuracy and speed to production centers. Augmenting existing processes with mobility is delivering solid efficiency gains. The net result is greater communication, collaboration and responsiveness to customer-driven deadlines and delivery dates than has been possible before.”

One of the biggest beneficiaries of a mobile ERP solution is to the sales team of any company. As managing sales operations when your team is in the field is a challenge. Field sales reps are often left to fend for themselves with last-minute scenarios there aren’t quite prepared for. However, thanks to the mobile revolution this has changed with a slew of useful mobile sales applications that empower field reps to plan/report and close deals from anywhere.

What’s important is putting the portability in sales intelligence, giving the sales rep data, evidence and social proof they need to transition prospects though the buying process. A mobile ERP increases productivity of the sales team in the following ways:

On the Go Functionality: Field sales reps can access all relevant information in real time via their mobile devices. They can also update information like reporting and closing deals from anywhere. The ability to access real-time information anywhere is important in empowering your staff to close deals quickly without too much of back and forth. When a deal does not meet set parameters, an automatic alert can be sent to the concerned authority to verify and approve the same.

Eliminates Middlemen: Traditional sales processing requires a lot of back and forth between the client, the sales team, the delivery team, finance team and where required top management before a deal is closed. This causes delay and is detrimental to the sales process. A mobile ERP eliminates much of this delay by providing sales teams with pre-defined templates for products and prices. Further, if the order is not within current stock levels, the ERP can trigger an automatic request for approval to the concerned authority.

Improves productivity: Mobile ERP gives access to data anytime, anywhere. Field representatives get realistic idea of production capacity and delivery schedules instantly. Book orders on the fly.

Improves collection, reduces bad debt: Sales teams have real-time data on current outstanding debt for an existing client, even when they are at the client location. This improves sales collections and reduces bad or outstanding debt. Management can define controls if debt crosses a certain period of time or amount per individual client. So any order booking of such clients will create an instant alert to be sent to the concerned authority.

Target visibility: Now easily set targets for your sales representatives. Both the management and the sales teams have real-time visibility of their targets.

Reduces error: Chances of error are greatly reduced while recording a customer order as manual data entry is largely eliminated with the mobile app.

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