How the Paint Industry can Benefit with ERPTwo good colleagues at work!The Big Leap Industry 4.0 & ERPLook beyond just technical aspects for ERP implementation

Monthly Archives: March 2018

How the Paint Industry can Benefit with ERP

The Indian paints industry is growing at a healthy CAGR of 12.7, for the decorative paints market, and a CAGR of 9.5 percent for industry paints market, says the Size & Future of Coating Industry report, of the Indian Paint Association. The industry is also witnessing a healthy competition between the existing players and a…

Two good colleagues at work!

Let us consider, a real life scenario at work, where two colleagues are trying to help each other: Shalini: “Hi Gaurav! Can you please provide me an information on ‘Top selling product on quantity & value’? I will need that for streamlining the ‘Production order & planning’.” Gaurav: “Sure, just give me a while.” Shalini:…

The Big Leap Industry 4.0 & ERP

As explained by Neil Armstrong, ‘The Big Leap’ is one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind. Automation, machine learning, mobile computing & artificial intelligence - these are no longer futuristic concepts, they’re our reality. These innovations will make the industry & the world stronger & better. The above explains how a small…

Look beyond just technical aspects for ERP implementation

With the digital wave in India, streamlining the key processes to keep pace with the new era of digitization is of core importance to SME’s. To achieve this, it’s important to automate business processes. The need for a central repository arises, which can integrate all operations within an organization, to streamline & systematize the processes.…

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