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Five Emerging Trends in ERP

The ERP landscape is changing almost daily. Staying up to date on ERP trends, is the need of the hour before making the final choice. To help you in your decision, here are five ERP developments to keep an eye on. On Premise Vs SaaS ERP Traditional ERP applications are stored on your company servers…

Your business deserves more than just accounting!

An ERP is quite literally the process backbone of your organization. It not only runs through every department and structure within your company, it also provides you the essential support needed to function at optimum capability. It empowers your employees, frees them from tedious double entry, provides live updates on your business and enables you,…

Build Efficiencies to Build a Business

The launch of the iPod in 2001 did many things. It revolutionized the music business, it was Apple’s first real foray into volume-driven consumer business, something it would come to dominate with its iPad and later iPhone products. It also spelled the end of a company that for 21 years was synonymous with portable music—Sony.…


[row] [span8] MIS This fully integrated module ensures accurate data, facilitates comparisons, and provides up to date information to different team members. The MIS module also provides reports required by different teams and empowers them to make faster, efficient decisions. It also assists the management team, to get real-time information on the functioning of different…

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