An ERP is quite literally the process backbone of your organization. It not only runs through every department and structure within your company, it also provides you the essential support needed to function at optimum capability. It empowers your employees, frees them from tedious double entry, provides live updates on your business and enables you, to run an efficient business that can respond quickly to dynamic changes in the marketplace.

If that is not enough reason for you to shift from your single dimension accounting software let us look at the reasons that could be holding you back.

  • Cost: ERP being expensive is probably one of the biggest myths of the software world out there. Yes, some ERP systems can be prohibitive to buy, high on training costs thus making it a complicated and expensive proposition. Today’s cloud-based ERP systems are as easy to buy and operate as literally your phone or laptop. Many cost effective solutions are now been offered.
  • Complicated: Again a legacy of the early ERP systems. Cloud-based ERP solutions have an intuitive GUI interface that is as easy to use. Many people get intimidated by the fact that an ERP can be complicated to use.
  • Implementation Challenges: Sure, implementing an ERP requires complete commitment from all levels in your organization, but once a strong backbone has been set up the implementation challenges can be reduced.

On the other hand an efficient ERP system can provide you with a number of advantages which will help you streamline your processes and grow your business. Modern ERP systems enable business anywhere/anytime.

  • Mobility: A modern ERP system is all about enabling functionality for its user base. The one big way they do this is via a mobile app that gives you and your team the same accessibility you would get when in office. It virtually frees you up to run your business from anywhere in the world. Not only that, your salesman can verify important information in real-time and address customer queries & requirements more effectively.
  • Control and Security: Security is one of the key requirements for any business. That’s because cloud-based ERP solutions provide secure systems and provide you the ability to create role-based access. No transaction or master can be deleted once it is entered into the system. However it is possible to reverse a transaction this ensures that there is a record of all transactions.
  • Notifications Feature: Even if you are not in office and your approval is needed with the notifications feature you can quickly take action on any request as & when it arises. This happens in real-time and thereby empowering you to take quick decisions.
  • Price List: As the festive season approaches, many businesses develop strategy to offer special prices to customers, some ERP’s offer the flexibilities to make changes in the price list on a periodical basis thus offering more flexibility.
  • Customizable: Easily customize your balance sheet as per your business. Whatever changes you make will automatically reflect in the account receivables and payables.
  • Easy navigation: Conveniently browse through pages with important links on the homepage. This saves you the time and hassle of having to dig through numerous links to get to the data you want.
  • Single Login: Since data is protected via a role-based access system, everyone in your team can make do with a single login credential. This makes it easy to use.

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