Prominent Emerging Trends in the ERP Market for 2020

ERP system is one of the most dynamic segments in the software market. This is precisely because organizations are growing at a fast rate and so are their unique needs. Technology is changing every day and to keep up with that change organizations need to change the way they operate and access data. That’s exactly what ERP systems need to provide organizations to move along the new wave of technological change.

Here are four predictions for the ERP software industry in 2020:

  1. Consumerization and customization

Customization will be a real game-changer in the ERP ecosystem in the coming years. With the millennial generation coming into the workforce, outdated interfaces and UX design of ERP systems will not work. Customization will play a big role in developing intuitive interfaces that the next generation employees find easy to adapt to. The pressure will mostly lie on creating user-friendly and intuitive software solutions that more closely resemble consumer technologies. 

  1. Mobility

Mobility and BYOD technologies will rule the ERP development market in the coming years. This trend will be due to the fact because mobile devices have become an integral part of our daily lives. Right from booking our airline tickets to buying groceries, we are all dependent on mobile apps. Bulky desktop applications have given way to the lighter and friendlier mobile apps, which we can use anytime anywhere. It will hold true in the case of ERP software. Right from top management to warehouse clerks everyone will inevitably want to use mobile devices to access enterprise data for work.

Providing a mobile app along with the ERP software will be a set default by 2020.

  1. Importance of business intelligence and data

The need for business importance and data will gain momentum in the coming years. Organizations will have an increased need for data interpretation to make use of the voluminous data that they have, towards a strategic advantage. In addition, simple reporting and MIS reports will not be enough to support this need. ERPs will have to come up with robust and fast data processing mechanism and business intelligence tools. Business intelligence will give ERPs the added boost to become the running partner of the organization’s strategic growth. New digital technologies, like AI an IoT, will augment the business intelligence provided by ERP software.

  1. Flexibility

Today’s market trend shows an increased need for flexibility in terms of devices and applications. ERPs should be able to connect to various other devices, departments, partners, suppliers, and your loyal customers in one versatile database. ERPs will become more versatile and fluid to work under multiple platforms and ecosystems.  They will not only track and streamline processes but also recommend for improving and optimizing at every level, becoming the catalyst behind the operation.

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