Empowering Your VISION

EPPS is a people driven technology company that aims at providing ERP solutions, designed and developed for enterprises. Our aim is to constantly innovate our solutions to create value for our customers.

Introducing EPPS GRO:

An integrated ERP solution, for your growing business needs. A click to install model, EPPS GRO is easy to use. It gives you access to the essentials to get you started on your journey towards growth.

EPPS GRO uses the latest technology i.e. a combination of Java & PostgreSQL. This gives us the advantage of being a future-ready platform that can easily accommodate any future technological advancements. This ERP solution can easily manage high volumes of data and growing number of users. It also ensures easy migration of existing customers from an old platform to a new one, seamlessly without any risks of data loss.

Empowering GROWTH

EPPS GRO empowers you to grow your business and improve efficiencies in your operations profitably. The specially designed modules help you get started on the road to growth and stability.

The mobile app functionality also allows for an uninterrupted workflow & facilitates better business decisions with up-to-date real-time data.


Business Policy
Finance &
Management Information
System (MIS^)

^Major reports with consolidation across multiple locations facility and drill down functionality.


GST Ready
Multi Lingual Support
Document Management
Email/SMS Integration
Flexible Concurrent User Licensing Policy
Multi Smart Device (Desktop/ Laptop Notepad/Mobile)
Notification For Approvals & Confirmation
Compatible To Multi Operating System
Broadcast Notification Messages
Multi Browser Compatible
Bar Coding*
Free Of Third Party Licensing
Multi Currency Support
Audit Trail Logs
Masters & Opening Balance Uploading
Intuitive User Interface
*Limited/Third Party Dependent

As your business grows in terms of the scale of operations you can upgrade to EPPS PRO Solutions and get access to more features required to manage the complexity of your processes. The modular offerings ensure ramp-ups that match your pace of growth. To upgrade to EPPS PRO certain extra plugins/controls will be added. However, there will be no change in technology, hence no new training will be needed. It has the same principle of functioning as EPPS GRO. Experience the benefits of a process driven, professional ERP with more controls & features.

Upgrade to EPPS PRO

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