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Empowering Business through Data and Technology-2[4]

In today’s competitive business environment, large manufacturers distribute their products through a multi-tiered network that involves Distributors, Dealers, Retailers etc.

Manufacturers have direct visibility into their Primary sales and inventory. However, specific purchase data of Dealers and Retailers is not directly available. This data is of critical importance to Manufacturers who need it for various business imperatives like

  • Understand inventory accumulation at Distributor/Dealer/Retailer nodes to plan manufacturing and sales.
  • Track Distributor and Dealer performance v/s targets and use this to drive sales.
  • Tracking Dealer Purchases for Dealer incentives or Distributor.
  • Tracking sales for Distributor incentives.
  • Ensure Distributor compliance to Manufacturer driven Dealer discounts.
  • Better Production Planning.

For the Principal / Manufacturer/OEMs

The Challenges

  • Optimal forecasting, planning and aligning of inventories, resources and processes in real time.
  • Smooth flow of information and data within various locations, departments, warehouses and the Distributor channel network.
  • Manual collection of data, makes it unusable or ineffective for use due to the long lead times involved.

The Solution

  • Enhances business decisions based on real time secondary and primary sales information and analysis.
  • Eases production planning due to integration with all departments and locations and actual sales insights from the market.
  • Enables easy price revisions based on product groups, category and location.
  • Easy to configure minimum order quantity and re-order level to ensure that Distributors are never out of stock with a unique feature of auto generation of purchase order.
  • On the go configurability to offer discounts such as cash, trade, invoice value based.

For the Distributor/Stockist

The Challenges

  • Enhance order processing and faster delivery of orders.
  • Visibility of product penetration in the market.
  • Determining price levels and margins.
  • Lack of minimum stocks reporting resulting in delayed deliveries.
  • Monitoring Distributor Sales Representative (DSR)/Dealer/Franchisee/Retailer performance periodically.

The Solution

  • Identify potential value of business opportunity from Dealer’s/Sales representatives based on previous years’ performance.
  • Improved Distributor inventory management and ROI.
  • Clear reporting daily, weekly, monthly sales and profitability analysis based on product group-wise, Sales Representative/Dealer wise from different location.
  • Prioritizes dispatch on sales orders based on quantity, product, area, Dealer wise.
  • Giving intuitive insights on customer performance, ageing and bill realization.
  • Monitor scheme performance based on value and volume of transactions.
  • Captures daily route wise activity report of the Sales Representatives.

For the Sales Representative

The Challenges

  • Tracking daily, weekly, monthly performance (Productive & Unproductive calls).
  • Visibility on accumulated scheme points and its redemption.
  • Identifying potential, greater business opportunity Area/Route/Beat.
  • Lack of visibility of previous year performance by Dealers/Franchisee/Retailer.

The Solution

  • Gives easy access to reporting of daily, weekly and monthly sales performance, number of productive/unproductive calls based on product groups and route wise/retailer wise.
  • Helps to identify product purchase trends retailer wise.
  • Reduces overall sales realization time (Order to Cash).
  • Identifies and tracks scheme performance through detailed reporting / MIS Dashboard.

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