Manufacturing is being transformed by the same forces transforming the rest of the business landscape: the evolution of digital technology, technology advancements, digital transformation and an accelerating need for organizational agility and competitive advantages.

Keeping pace with the needs of worldwide manufacturing, ERP too has evolved from a simple business process management system to a complex multi-module tool. Cloud technology was a major disruptor and many businesses are incorporating cloud, to optimize their operation. Apart from that, the ERP ecosystem is evolving in different ways with, innovative solutions and fruitful integrations.

Below are some trends that can be seen in 2018:

  • Mobility: The mobile platform allows professionals and especially salespeople to access data on the go, no matter where they are. This technology, is already available on cloud ERP solutions. It is one of the new and hot trends in the ERP niche that everyone should be on the lookout for. This trend will provide organizations information, on their fingertips and empower them towards taking efficient, agile and enduring business decisions.
  • Globalized Manufacturing: With improved technology and streamlined global logistics, supply chain has released manufacturing from the limitations of geography. Moving information, data and products from one location to another has never been easier and faster than it is today. With information on everyone’s fingertips and the emergence of quick means of transportation, means that manufacturers can now deliver or source raw materials and finished products to and from anywhere around the world. The globalized nature of manufacturing means, locations of subsidiary plants is no longer a geographic requirement. It can be situated, virtually anywhere depending on a whole host of factors from availability of land to labor etc. This means manufacturers, need to look at ERP solutions that can scale as effortlessly as their business. In India, the soon to take place transition from Waybill to e-Way bill, will soon be a game changer for suppliers, as it will help streamline and simplify the much complicated and time consuming Waybill. Another step, towards moving from manual to digitized operations.
  • Data Security: One of the top reasons driving new ERP purchases is that lack of functionality has caused users to not be able to access and analyze data with the tools available within their system. Having multiple tools to manage business critical data can increase the chances of exposure to data theft. One of the advantages, of having an ERP is, to have all the information consolidated at one place, instead of managing multiple systems. ERP systems will develop tighter controls to help protect business data.
  • Cloud ERP: Cloud ERP is already a reality. Many companies have started using cloud-based solutions and are in fact reaping the benefits of a cloud-based solution over a traditional on-premise solution. This trend of moving towards the cloud is going to further accelerate in 2018.
  • Integration of ERP and Ecommerce: Ecommerce platforms and marketplaces may see themselves being integrated with ERP software. This integration will allow for the synchronization of ecommerce data like inventory, orders, shipping and invoices. Integration creates the opportunity for efficient operations, avoiding manual data entry errors and saves you time at work.
  • Internet of Things: Today, more products and devices are connecting to the internet making it possible to funnel more data automatically into an ERP system. The entire system, provides a clear view of processes like shipping details, supply chains, appliance performance, etc. Harnessing the power of this data funnel could be invaluable for businesses across all industries.
  • Adoption by small and midsize companies: ERP is no longer just for large companies. With increased usability and previously mentioned cloud deployment options, smaller companies will seek the added value of an ERP system. Reduced costs to implement and deploy this technology will make it a viable resource for companies of all sizes.

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