The immensely competitive trade industry is based on the pillars of efficient procurement, optimized financial margins & seamless management of suppliers, capital & risks. The entire sales cycle right from generating the order to the billing and collection needs to be simplified and easy for the team to implement. Process integration and communication across the organization is the key challenge to smooth functioning.
EPPS ERP with its function specific modules and real time reporting will help you trade across geographies efficiently and profitably.

 Product Highlights

  • Manage and view location / warehouse / bin-based inventory in real time segment
  • Manage and control the process from customer order to delivery execution
  • Easy integration with GPS tracking software
  • Manage freight contracting
  • Multi-currency support
  • Multiple unit of measurements like buy in kilograms and sell in numbers and vice versa
  • Analyse your competition and tweak your sales pitch accordingly
  • Group items and customers for pricing. Fix a range of volume-based pricing alternatives
  • Coin discount deals


 Modules We Offer

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