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A myth is, the presentation of facts belonging to one category in the idioms appropriate to another. To explode a myth, is not to deny the facts but to re-allocate them.

Many organizations refrain from going ahead with an ERP solution as they are convinced with some myths related to ERP’s.

Before we dwell on the myths, let’s quickly take a look at Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). An integrated solution, which ensures smooth functioning of a business. It is a central repository, which collects, stores, manages and analyzes data to provide real time insights. ERP can streamline business operations by bringing all the activities on a single platform, facilitating a systematic approach for making business simple.

ERP has now become an integral requirement for businesses. Some organizations are unable to see the bigger picture as they are eluded by the myths. Hence they either opt for multiple software’s to track the different business processes, or are still struggling with inefficiencies going the manual way in this digital era!

An ERP solution that is robust, highly scalable, mobile, easy to use providing accurate & real time data updates, can bust some common myths.

Few common myths about ERP:

  • #Myth1: ERP is too expensive
    Yes, some high-end ERP solutions can be expensive. Depending on the size and requirements of your business, the decision needs to be carefully taken. There are many customizable and cost effective ERP solutions available for startups, SME’s and high end enterprises. The myth that only the high end solutions, will give you desired results is totally incorrect. Decisions made with this in mind, can drain your budgets as the training costs will be on a higher side due to the complex offerings.

    EPPS ERP offers a low cost of investment, due to no 3rd party license fee and a concurrent user policy thus making it a viable proposition.

  • #Myth2: ERP is only for large enterprises
    It is a common misconception that ERP is only meant for large enterprises only. Everyone needs, accurate and real time data updates for their business in this competitive environment.

    EPPS provides a modern ERP solution, ideal for growing SME’s. A robust solution loaded with features that manages your business growth efficiently, while handling large volumes of data with ease.

  • #Myth3: ERP only benefits upper management
    Yes, ERP can help top management with real time insights for better decision making. As the concept of ‘Smart Factory’ (Industry 4.0) is catching up, it’s important to create and encourage a digital workforce. This should not only be limited to the top management but should drill down to the field sales agent’s level.

    EPPS ERP solution is helping SME’s empower their workforce with digital transformation from pure manual procedures with ease. Mobile ERP solution, is facilitating in real time data sharing, integration,

  • #Myth4: ERP access only within office
    Long back, the use of an ERP was restricted to an organization’s premises only. Today, a mobile ERP solution is the market trendsetter, which is enabling SME’s to extract maximum efficiency and streamline their businesses processes.

    Modern ERP solution providers like EPPS offer customers chance to access their solutions anytime, anywhere. A simple mobile app by EPPS, can make it accessible with your smart phone. Thus, you can always stay connected with your business from any location, at any time.

  • #Myth5: ERP is complicated and difficult to use
    It is another common myth that an ERP software, needs rigorous product training for the users as it is very complicated and difficult to use.

    EPPS provides easy to use ERP solution, with its simple and user friendly UI design. It is a solution where minimum training is needed. Your team members can quickly get started.

  • #Myth6: It takes too long to implement
    Gone are the days when ERP implementation were complex and long drawn process. It simpler today, with EPPS ERP solution. A click to install model, EPPS Lite ERP gives you access to the essentials to get you started on your journey towards growth. In EPPS enterprise, with proper project planning, conceptualization, realization, go-live preparation and go-live support, get phase closure and project survey and can be the ideal resolution for new age SME’s.
  • #Myth7: An accounting software can match the benefits of an ERP
    Going with just an accounting software cannot be equated with an ERP solution. The basic fact is that both have different functionalities. While things may seem good in the short run but as the business grows, handling the large volume of data inflow, poses as a challenge. Other features like access control rights, security, real time data updates, notifications etc. are not present.

    EPPS ERP solution. It can efficiently integrate the operations to provide a collective real time & accurate data insights. It offers better control user can easily define & restrict approvals amongst team members Enhanced security, no transaction/master can be deleted however reversal of transaction is possible thus providing record of all data.

It is important to choose the right solution for your business. Digital technologies have transformed the landscape in which SME’s operate. As per the TRAI and BCG- Google study, India has 1.03 billion mobile subscriptions and 350 million internet users. Digital technologies also offer businesses, the ability to innovate and achieve higher efficiencies through improved communication and digital productivity tools like an ERP.

An ERP is an essential for growing businesses. Make a wise decision, choose a modern ERP solution provide that easily adapts as you grow. Don’t get swayed by the myths!

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