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The new age business world is dynamic and is inclined towards innovation. Where the best ideas and best practices hold a strong foothold to win the race, there are several SME’s who are eager to make a distinguished mark in the industry. Nowadays, having an innovative business idea is not enough, to make it a success, there are several other aspects that needs to be taken care of. To make a business grow, it is necessary that the internal business processes are streamlined.

ERP or Enterprise Resources Planning is an integrated business management solution, which ensures smooth functioning of the business. It is a central repository, that streamlines the operations and allows to collect, store, manage and analyze data. With the help of an ERP solution, a business can run with functional collaboration of each operation. Many organizations implement ERP to run their processes perfectly, as this system offers an organized solution for business activities. An efficient ERP solution, can help in retrieving useful business insights, using accurate analytics. It offers an opportunity to grow a business.

According to the latest forecast by Gartner, enterprise application software expenditure in India is expected to reach $2.5 billion in 2018, which is 19.8 percent increase from 2017.

Here comes a quick rundown on some of the benefits of using a modern ERP:

  • Increase Productivity: An ERP solution removes process redundancy making any system more efficient and highly productive. It also helps to save time.
  • Real time insights: A new age ERP solution can use real time data for making precise insights for the businesses. It can help in real time decision making, based on the accurate information. This eventually helps the business to flourish.
  • Streamlining processes: An ERP software can help in streamlining business processes. It provides a clear view to the management to make accurate business forecasts, facilitating in proper business planning.
  • Integration: Extracting inter or intra departmental data is much efficient under ERP system, as all the information are available at a central location. This saves unnecessary time, investment in collection of information and makes reporting process much organized.
  • Cost-effectiveness: An ERP software offers a central source of all precise information, which saves the recurring operational and administrative costs incurred.
  • Data security: Data security is no more a hindrance when there is a modern cloud based enterprise resource planning solution in place. This system improvises the exactness, reliability, security of data, via built-in resources and firewalls.

Having an ERP system is not a luxury but a necessity. It is a must for survival in this competitive world. ~ Alexis Leon

Several SME’s are inclined towards implementation of ERP for efficient business insights. However, the fact is that, every good comes with certain glitches, an ERP system is no exception. Several new age ERP solutions are reported to be affected with some checkpoints.

Some of roadblocks for ERP implementation:

  • High cost and time: In several cases an initial ERP implementation takes a toll on the production time of a business. Although, ERP solution eases and streamlines organizational processes, it comes with high implementation and maintenance cost, which can be one of the major drawbacks.
  • External security threats: Although, an ERP is a best solution for implementing the internal data, it often goes through external security threats, which can make the system inefficient.
  • Proper training needed: As any automation process, Enterprise Resource Planning system also needs proper employee training for its use. A novice handling may disturb the entire system that causes a negative impact on the business.

However, there is an highly efficient ERP solution, which can effectively handle the above roadblocks and help your to grow, like the way you have aspired. EPPS ERP is your ultimate solution, which is easy to configure and monitor.

We offer a new age ERP solution that can make your business simple. Ensure a highly adaptable, scalable, mobile and user-friendly solution, we offer an ERP solution that helps the businesses to take real time decision, based on accurate data. We understand your business priorities and to support the same, we ensure a well-planned implementation process, which makes our ERP an efficient and effective solution.

Here comes few salient features of EPPS ERP:

  • Easy configuration and monitoring: EPPS offers the easiest configuration process, where the business spend minimum or no production down time. The cloud based model is easy to monitor and upgradations can be done remotely, without wasting production time.
  • Real Time decision making: Using real time data inputs, makes EPPS ERP enables to reflect accurate business insights. This can help in real time decision making for the business.
  • Mobility: EPPS ERP solution can provide you with visibility of your business anytime & help you take decisions on the go, which means only an internet connection should make it accessible from anywhere.
  • Easy to use: An ERP should be easy-to-use, so that anyone can operate with ease, thus eliminating the training costs. EPPS ERP offers you a simple and user-friendly ERP solution, which can be used by anyone across the organization.
  • Adaptable: EPPS ERP is adaptable to your business & regulatory demands.
  • Scalable: A modern ERP should be able to meet up the expectations of your growing organization. ERP solution by EPPS can get scaled with the growth of your business and help you to make better business plan.

Implementing an ERP software has been trending the industry. Many organizations are either already ERP empowered or in process of becoming one. Moreover, undoubtedly EPPS can help in eliminating the hitches about implementing an ERP for your business and get an opportunity to enjoy a composed and well-planned business process. When EPPS is by your side, you can relax and leave everything upon us!

EPPS ERP solution can empower your business and efficiently remove the roadblocks on your success path.

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