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Sharing is good, and with mobility in ERP, sharing is easy!

In today’s world, latest technologies, automations & innovations play an important role in streamlining business operations. Technological advancements to empower the workforce has built the path of success. To maintain a pace with the current digital wave, many companies are aggressively incorporating, digitization in their work culture. A report by mobile analytics firm App Annie…

The Big Leap Industry 4.0 & ERP

As explained by Neil Armstrong, ‘The Big Leap’ is one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind. Automation, machine learning, mobile computing & artificial intelligence - these are no longer futuristic concepts, they’re our reality. These innovations will make the industry & the world stronger & better. The above explains how a small…

Looking for shorter & on time customer deliveries? Five ways an ERP can help you

Traditionally, in the initial stages all businesses struggle to produce high-quality goods at the lowest possible cost. Stalk and Hout introduced a new concept of “Speed” which was a new learning for the business world. This added element was an ultimate key to competitive advantage. Stalk closely observed how Japanese companies progressed, even when they…

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